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Montessori School at StarCreekThe Montessori School at StarCreek offers programs for children 6 weeks to 12 years of age. Montessori, educational programs prepare students with a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning and personal growth.

Our programs:

  • Allow students to work at their own pace, with the teacher introducing new materials only as current materials are mastered, to ensure success rather than frustration.
  • Put emphasis on the process rather than the product of learning.
  • Promote mastery of self and environment, self-discipline, and social competence.
  • Explore math, language, geography, botany & science, social studies, art and music, involving children in a series of sequential, manipulative, and sensorial activities that lead them from concrete to abstract learning.

The Early Infant Program is for children 6 weeks -12 months of age. The Infant Program is for children 12 months-20 months of age. The Toddler Program is for children 18 months-3 years of age. The Primary classrooms are designed for children 3-6 year of age. Our lower elementary program encompasses 1st - 3rd grade or ages 6-9.  The upper elementary program consists of 4th-6th grade or ages 9-12.

Our programs include 2, 3, or 5 day choices with the following options:

Half Day Program

8:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Extended Day Program

8:30 AM - 3:00 PM

Full Day Program

7:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Our dedicated teaching staff directs learning through exploration believing that in order to develop their intellectual, social and physical skills to the fullest, children must have freedom achieved through order and self discipline. Classroom environments and teaching materials are designed to make the most of the child's natural intellect, curiosity, and love for learning.

Early Infants
“The Nest”, our early infant program, is committed to promoting quality Montessori infant care for children from six weeks to twelve months. We believe that your baby should be kept comfortable and content through out the day.  Our trained staff will keep careful records of each baby as they develop and grow each day. The environment for the babies is soothing and happy with soft music playing and the smiling faces of our nurturing staff. The staff communicate with the babies constantly by signing, with actions, talking, singing, reading and simply playing with them. They make sure proper feedings, diaper changes and naps are tailored according to each child's needs and age. To meet the needs of each baby, written and verbal communication is made with parents and caregivers. Infant musical instruments, manipulatives, movement, exercise, actions, poems, songs, facial expressions, finger plays, tummy-time, pictures, books, recognition of sounds of language, first words, recognition of objects, interaction with other babies are some of the many activities we introduce to the babies each day

Our classroom is based on these key concepts:

  • The aim of a Montessori infant programs is to foster the development of basic trust and to assist in the normal development of the personality.
  • Basic trust develops in an environment where people respond appropriately to the infant's communication of needs to be loved, respected, and accepted.
  • Infants learn through their senses. They learn by watching and moving freely. Freedom to move is essential to the development of the infant's potential.
  • The infant is considered as a whole person and is affected by the quality of holding and feeding, as well as the quality of physical care.

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Our “Casa de Bambini” program, designed for children 12 months through 20 months of age, is premised on the observation that though children are small in stature, they are immense in mental ability and eager to use it.

The Montessori Infant environment stresses the importance of freedom of movement. The infants are free to move and stretch without restriction. Through movement the infants become more aware of their bodies and are able to develop coordination and dexterity without inhibition. You will notice that there are no "play pens" in our Infant classroom. We take great care in setting up a "whole room play area" which enables the infant to explore a wide range of materials, textures and objects for tactile and visual stimulation.

Language development is also an integral part of the Casa de Bambini program. A teacher's role is to consciously introduce language through the use of words, inflection, tone and body language. Infants gather their first understanding of the world, and thrive, through this interaction.

We understand that many of the strongest, deepest and longest lasting impressions are formed early on, and we are committed to making this first experience one that is filled with warmth, love and care.

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ToddlersOur Toddler programs, designed for children ages 18 months through 3 year of age, focus on a period of tremendous development and growth. During this stage, children develop 80% of their personality, enhance their mobility, improve their gross and fine motor skills, as well as learn they are separate individuals yet a vital part of a community. It is a critical time of development for a child. Working with the children's natural tendencies shows them a respect for their childhood, and encourages them to enjoy learning.

Our teachers take great care in providing a nurturing, safe and comfortable atmosphere, while at the same time igniting the child's natural curiosity in the many materials and activities offered in the classroom. Children are not required to be potty-trained to enter this program.
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At the Early Childhood level, our educational program is based on the premise that young children flourish with gentle guidance and the freedom to work at their own pace. The carefully prepared environment of the 3-6 year old is designed to take advantage of the child’s sensitive years— those times when there is a readiness to learn specific skills.

Our rich classroom environments, full of hundreds of learning materials, facilitate the independent learning of skills moving from the concrete to abstract learning process. They are designed to put children at ease by giving them freedom within limits -- a safe place to grow and learn.

The Primary Curriculum consists of many learning areas including

  • Mathematics
  • Language Arts
  • Geography
  • History
  • Cultural Awareness including Foreign Language
  • Music and Creative Movement
  • Nature Studies including Botany & Zoology

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Lower Elementary 
Lower ElementaryThe primary goal of the Elementary Program is to empower children to become confident, competent students. The Elementary classroom, designed for children ages 6-9, is a unique work environment in which instruction begins with concrete realities, adding one difficulty at a time, moving sequentially into abstract theory. The development of critical thinking skills occurs naturally in this type of environment. Active learning with hands-on tasks supports the growth of social skills, reflection and the ability to "figure things out" -- qualities needed throughout life.

This is also the age when the child develops a moral sense, learning what is right and wrong. He sorts out what is "good" and "bad" and what is "fair" and "not fair." He strives to find how he can play an important and meaningful role in life.

The Elementary Curriculum consists of many learning areas including

  • Mathematics
  • Language Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Foreign Language
  • Geometry
  • Science/Nature Studies including Botany & Zoology
  • Music Arts

The elementary children are given opportunities to work together or alone to pursue individual or group interests. Their teacher facilitates creativity, independent thinking, and personal responsibility
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Upper Elementary
The Montessori School at StarCreek upper elementary program is structured for children ages 9-12. It covers the traditional grades of fourth through sixth. This class emphasizes the use of Montessori materials over the use of textbooks. However, it is in this classroom that children are first introduced to textbooks. After children have a firm understanding of a concept -- in any academic area -- textbook work is introduced as an additional aid.

  • Reading:  Reading is not a "subject" in the upper Elementary Class. Reading is what reading is -- a tool with which we can learn, discover and celebrate the world and ourselves. Reading is completely integrated into the classroom curriculum at this level.
  • Language Arts and Grammar
  • Mathematics & Geometry
  • Social Studies, History as well as Geography
  • Foreign Language
  • Geometry
  • Science/Nature Studies including Botany & Zoology
  • Music & Art:  Musical instruments are introduced such as the recorder or piano.
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