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Enrichment Programs

Enrichment ProgramsThe daily schedule also includes collective gathering for creative expressions, movement activities, songs, stories and group lessons. 

When weather permits, the children are taken outdoors to play on outdoor equipment, to enjoy games and to help with gardening activities. Throughout the year, special projects, programs and guest speakers will be included. 

Extensive enrichment programs are also offered as part of the school day. The enrichment programs are aimed at the creation of the whole child not just one academically gifted.

These programs supplement the academic environment and allow for a variety of activities to take place on a daily basis.  These programs include:

  • Computer Instruction
  • Outdoor Gardening
  • Music Instruction
  • Reading Programs in our Extensive Library

Computer ClassComputer Instruction   
The computer classes in our computer lab are offered for children in all primary and elementary classes. Computers are introduced with basic keyboarding and mouse skills and expanding to all aspects of computer technology. The goal is to teach computer literacy skills which can be linked and applied to the Montessori curriculum. The use of the Internet in the Elementary classrooms and the computer technology lab is determined by the purpose of the project, the computer skills and the social maturity of the child.

Outdoor Gardening
Gardening is an outdoor and indoor daily activity that encourages curiosity in children to discover and explore the world of botany.  Our school has an outdoor, organic garden, attached to the science lab, which grow a variety of flora and fauna including vegetableOutdoor Gardenings that children use in creative cooking projects.  Children are introduced to topics such as trees and leaves, seeds and flowers.

Music Instruction
MusicThe musical literacy of the child is accomplished by affording ongoing opportunities to listen, to sing, to compose, to perform, and to appreciate music. Music instruction is an integral part of the day-to-day Montessori curriculum. To help enhance the development of rhythm, coordination, tonal relationships, and harmony, the Montessori-trained teacher uses specially designed Montessori bells and tone bars to help children develop skills in a series of steps from auditory discrimination to musical notation and composition. 

Extensive Library
Extensive LibraryOur extensive library hosts a variety of books designed for the multiple age groups at the Montessori School of N. Dallas. In a warm and inviting environment, students will have the opportunity to read all kinds of books that will improve their reading, communication, and concentration skills.

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