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Lower Elementary

Lower Elementary students (ages 6-9) are empowered to become confident, competent students. Our classroom is a unique environment in which instruction begins with concrete realities, adding one difficulty at a time, moving sequentially into abstract theory. The development of critical thinking skills occurs naturally in this type of environment. Active learning with hands-on tasks supports the growth of social skills, reflection and the ability to "figure things out" -- qualities needed throughout life.
Students are given opportunities to work together or alone to pursue individual or group interests. Their teacher facilitates creativity, independent thinking, and personal responsibility
This is also the age when the child develops a moral sense, learning what is right and wrong. He sorts out what is "good" and "bad" and what is "fair" and "not fair." He strives to find how he can play an important and meaningful role in life.

The Elementary Curriculum includes:

• Mathematics
• Language Arts
• Social Studies
• Foreign Language
• Geometry
• Science/Nature Studies including Botany & Zoology
• Music Arts

Upper Elementary

Our Upper Elementary program is structured for children ages 9-12, covering the traditional grades of 4-6. While we do emphasize the use of Montessori materials in lieu of textbooks whenever possible, it is at this stage that children are first introduced to textbooks. Once our students have a firm understanding of a concept -- in any academic area -- textbook work is introduced as an additional aid.

Upper Elementary curriculum includes:

• Reading (Reading is completely integrated into the classroom curriculum at this level, and is treated as a tool rather than a "subject")
• Language Arts and Grammar
• Mathematics & Geometry
• Social Studies, History as well as Geography
• Foreign Language
• Geometry
• Science/Nature Studies including Botany & Zoology
• Music & Art:  Musical instruments are introduced such as the recorder or piano.